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Designed, dyed and woven by hand. To be appreciated for both artistic beauty and comfort. Beloved Handwovens carry our babies closer, for longer, as we hope that time could just stand still, while holding close, heaven's gift.


 I'm Chelsey, the artisan behind Beloved Handwoven.

I am the mother of four beautiful children, and foster mama to many more,  who inspire and challenge me daily.  With my handsome husband, our family lives on the Alberta prairies, where we enjoy the wide open skies and extreme seasonal changes.

Beloved Handwoven was born out of my passion for babywearing and my deep love for weaving. I knew from the beginning that I wanted it to be more than just beautiful handwoven wraps, but something used to spread some light. So from every wrap purchased, Beloved Handwoven sends a donation to a pressing area of need in our world. Together we make this difference. 

Each Beloved Handwoven is carefully and lovingly made by myself. I strive to create intricate beauty and originality with every warp, each piece unique and special, like the sweet babies we carry. 


2 Corintians 9:11

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