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Aug 23

Auction tomorrow morning, August 24th from 8:30am-9:00am MDT. In my facebook chatter group 💜
Jun 6

In my Facebook chatter group today
Feb 21

Monday February 25, 6pm-7pm MDT AVALON 🌈🌴Semi-Custom Auction in my Facebook chatter group. For those that can’t play in an auction, there will be finished wraps available through draw to purchase
Feb 4

3 wraps from Restoration will be stocked, Tuesday February 5th from 6pm-9pm MDT in our facebook chatter group.
Jul 24

Stay tuned for a chance to purchase, sometime this week ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mar 26

The last 2 wraps of Avalon will be sold this Wednesday, March 27 from 6pm- 9pm MDT in my Facebook chatter group :)
Feb 16

Super excited about this new warp, looks like paradise to me 🌈🌴
Jan 31

Busy busy busy finishing up these beauties 😍