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From Snip to Ship, What Happens?

It usually takes around a week, of very long days, from the time I cut a finished warp off the loom until I ship. What happens in that time? Let me show you the process!

Here we can see the back of my loom and the very end of the warp approaching my heddles. What a beautiful sight for me. A great feeling of accomplishmen and I weave until I can no longer fit my shuttle through my shed, squeezing out every last pick.

Time to cut off and then pull the finished warp from the cloth beam.

Off the loom but still all in one long piece. The fabric is beautiful but still stiff and flat “loom state”.

Each wrap is then carefully separated.

Then taken to sewing machine to finish the raw edges, hem and add the satin tags.

The pieces are then ready to be wet finished. Wet finishing is basically the first wash. It’s when the woven pieces go from stiff loom state and transform into moldable, soft, floppy, luxurious fabric!

The wet wraps are hung to dry. At this point, I can work on any wraps that are waiting to be fringed before wet finishing.

Once the washed wraps are dry, they are ready to be pressed and checked. Each side is ironed and carefully inspected. At this time bobbin change threads are snipped clean.

This takes a long time but is really exciting to run my hands over my finished work.

All labels are then sewn in place.

The wraps are now completely finished.

Time for the photoshoots!

The full stack of sister pieces. Top 4 are wraps and bottom 4 is fabric that will be converted to onto buckle carriers.

Flat shots 😍

The action photoshoot also takes place and then those photos are edited and shared and I also announce the upcoming stocking.

Now the packaging stage begins!

My wrap bags are cut out and sewn. Warp yarn is used to create a matching cord for the bags.

The bags are ironed and stamped and ironed again.

The wraps are then folded neatly.

Cards and forms are filled out.

And everything is packaged with loads of love and care 💜 I think of the precious babies that these pieces will hold...💜

Everything is boxed and taped and then shipping labels are printing and attached!

Off to the post office and this warp is DONE ✅ and on its way to excited moms and dads!

PHEWF!! 😅😅😅