Victorious Motherhood

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

We have all heard it, haven't we? As a mother of 4 (ages 10-1yr), I have lost count how many times. Peacefully pushing the grocery cart around the grocery store with my kids, the familiar chuckle of a stranger shaking their head,

"Wow do you have your hands full!"


“Better you than me!”

Loading groceries into our mini-van, my oldest son (who was 9 at the time) asks thoughtfully, "Why do people always say that to you wherever we go Mom?"

These people mean well and I love that they wish to engage with someone but even so, every time I hear it, it inspires much thought. What if people could view the sight of a mother with her children differently, that instead of it causing sympathy, their eyes could see what is in my heart. That children are a blessing. A legacy. A gift. Even amidst the loud and messy. Yes, motherhood is hard, but praise God it doesn't stop there!

It seems small and insignificant, but a perspective shift helps us to see motherhood through the lenses of PURPOSE and INTENTION instead of just SURVIVAL. This shift helps us to step up into influence within our families, rather than falling into defeat.



Our family is a team and each person needs to contribute. We are not doing our children any favors by being the martyr who does it all. Childhood is a training time to prepare them for real life and so many of us Mama’s, underestimate the ability our children have to help out in the home. Yes this can be intimidating to implement but once in place, automating chores and routines in our families gives us back the time and energy to be a better mother and wife.

When I started to make these needed changes in our home, I was burnt out and exhausted. I knew something had to change because I couldn't continue down the path I had created by quietly doing all the things! So I put aside time every Saturday and created chore lists, and a time blocking schedule.

This has been a LIFE SAVER. My kids were a bit resistant at first but now I can actually see that they enjoy knowing what is expected of them and playing a part in contributing to a thriving home environment.